A complete meat smoking guide in an electric smoker

Smoking meat in an electric smoker can be a fun activity is also very easy to accomplish task if you know how to do it in a perfect way. Though the whole process involves the marinating and preparing the food before smoking and also seasoning it with the correct ingredients for preparing best electric smoker recipes, still there is a lot to do with the electric smoke to get it prepare for smoking the food. Though not too technical, but still you will have to prepare everything in a proper way.

Like you have to season your electric smoker if you are preparing food for the first time in your electric smoker. And after that the first and the most important thing that you must know about smoking food is to set up the temperature of the smoker to the appropriate level

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Image source: Wikipedia

It is important that you should preheat your smoker in a way that makes the interior of the smoke well heated in a balanced way to the desired level.

Meaning that smoking each food requires you to achieve and maintain a particular heat level that is required to cook the meat you have to smoke. Now you must be thinking about that, how you will be knowing the temperature requirements and the time needed to smoke and cook a particular kind of food perfectly? The answer can be found in the manuals, or you can also read best electric smoker reviews to let you know how the smoker you have got work best.

In general, there is not a huge difference and you can apply the temperature settings easily for any smoker you might have. Though there could be a difference in preheating process and due to the shape and differences in the material used the smoker may heat up slower or faster as compared to other brands.

You can easily learn with time or even remember the time requirements as well as the temperature requirements for various kinds of meat. Here are some settings you can try with great confidence:

  • If you are cooking a pork butt or shoulder, then you will have to smoke it at 225-275 centigrades with an average cooking time of 1.5 hours per pound you are cooking.
  • A brief brisket will also be best smoked with the 225-275 degrees centigrades for 1.5 hours.
  • For turkey you can set 25-300 smoking temperature. You should brine it 24 hours before you smoke it. Smoke it until tender.
  • Chicken can be cooked at 250-300 centigrade and finished with 325 heat for crispy skin at the outer side.
  • Fish requires 225-250 centigrade smoking and requires lesser time to be smoked perfectly.

Make sure you use the right wood chip for the correct flavor.like apple, Oak, Maple, Lemon, Mesquite are some of the most commonly used and most liked flavors in wood chips. But you can also try out more to your taste. Also, if you like to add a twist into the flavor or want to enhance the flavors being added, you can put some seasoning or juices to the wood chip pan that will add more flavor to the smoke and hence to the meat that is smoked in there.

Cooking the meat with the correct seasoning and ingredients added, and marinating for the correct time period is always very important. In addition to this cooking the meat at the correct temperature hold a key role in determining the taste of the meat and the texture from outside. So make sure you prepare it carefully.

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