A Pellet Grill Recipe That Is Quick And Easy To Make

January 8, 2016

If you are looking for a perfect grilling solution for your backyard, try using a pellet grill. There are plenty of grilling options, but choosing something called the pellet grill can provide you the finest taste that a grill can deliver. Surely, you need that extra smoky and burnt flavor to enjoy authentic grilled food and with the help of a pellet grill, you will most definitely find yourself enjoying authentic grilled food.

If you have bought the best pellet grill recently, and wish to try some recipe, here is one of the finest in the offering. Here is a recipe to all time famous honey mustard chicken along with a dipping sauce, and this you can prepare with ease on a pellet grill.


The good thing about this chicken recipe is that you don’t require too many ingredients. All you need is a handful of basic ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen.

Chicken Breast or Boneless Chicken Breast Pieces (Approximately 4 Pieces)

½ cup of Honey

¼ cup of Mayonnaise

Salt to Taste

Pepper and Herbs for seasoning (optional)

½ cup of Dijon Mustard


One of the best things about this recipe is that it hardly takes any time to prepare. One of the reasons why this dish is amongst the favorites is because it doesn’t take much time to prepare this chicken. A lot of restaurants have it on their menus because it only takes about twenty minutes to have it ready on the table.

Prepare the Grill

One of the most important aspects of grilling any meat or veggie is that it should be placed on the grill at the right time. For this, you need to ensure that the grill is hot enough to cater to the required ingredients. This is why, you need to set it up on a temperature and for this recipe, the reading is about 450 degrees F and once you set it, let it get started and post few seconds, shut the lid. In case your grill has no lid, you can exclude this step as it wouldn’t make much of difference to the taste.

Mixing the Ingredients

Mixing the Ingredients

Use a bowl, preferably a small bowl so that you get the right grip to mix all the ingredients evenly. Start by adding the Dijon mustard and honey, and place the chicken pieces in it. You can slit the chicken pieces for the flavors to get right into the deep. Coat the chicken pieces well, add salt, and other additional items like pepper and herbs, which is completely optional. Usually people don’t add pepper to a honey based recipe but some people do so otherwise, hence it remains an option. Let them sit for some time, if you have enough time in hand, a good half hour would do good but if you are in a rush, at least 5-10 minutes is what you need.

Place the Chicken on the Grill

This step is what most of us wait for, which is to place the chicken pieces on the wood pellet grill. The grates can be prepped up with some oil to get the chicken pieces to avoid any sticking or dripping. Grill for about 8 minutes until you flip it onto the other side and continue the other side for the same amount of time and voila, the chicken is ready.

Dipping Sauce

Dipping Sauce

If you are wondering why there is mayonnaise on the list, well it is to make a yummy dipping sauce. You can use half quantity of honey and mustard against one part of mayonnaise for this amazing dip, which is bound to compliment the chicken.



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