A Relatively Easy To Make Dish Using A Pellet Grill

January 10, 2016

There are many people who love to binge on barbequed food, but when it comes to preparing something on the grill, many have reservations. This could be because of being unfamiliar with grilling, but it is a fact that grilling is not a rocket science and once you get a hang of it, you wouldn’t want to stop exploring the grills. Out of the most recommended options, pellet grills are the best choice to go with, as they may grilling a little too easy than the rest.

The best way to find what is the best option for you, look up for pellet grill reviews. In fact, each of the reviews offers you extensive information on anything and everything related to the grill. At times, you can be lucky to get a recipe to try on as well, and if you didn’t get it, here is one of the finest recipe to try out.

Smoked Turkey

The dish to try is smoked turkey, it is a very simple recipe, serves 6- 8 people, not very difficult and it takes around 2 hours to prepare it thoroughly. So let the feast begin.


Turkey- weighing around 12-14 pounds

Foil pan to cover the turkey

Stock pot- 5 gallons

Unsalted butter- ¾ pound or 3 sticks

Heavy duty foil

For Brining

Kosher salt- 2 cups

Water- 2 gallons

Sugar- 2 cups


Kosher salt- ½ cup

Coarse black pepper- ½ cup

Recommended pellet flavor- hickory


For this recipe, you need to do overnight brining for best results. So, a little preparation in advance always helps. If you have time to decide on the menu and you choose this recipe, surely you have sufficient time to do the needful.

For brine, you must add some kosher salt, sugar in a saucepan with water and bring it to a boil. Stir regularly so that it dissolves evenly and sooner. The concentration that you get out of it, place it into a bowl or bucket and add some ice with 2 gallons of water.

Preparing the Turkey


You need to prepare the turkey by removing the neck first, trust and trimming of excess skin especially near the neck or cavity. Place the turkey into the brin bucket ensuring that the turkey is well submerged into the concentration. Choose a bucket or container that can fit into a fridge, so place the brin along with turkey into the fridge through the night.

Prep the Grill and Turkey

Prepping a grill is easy and most wood pellet grills reviews help you understand the concept better. You can start by prepping the grill, set it on about 180 degrees F first. You need to start off at 180 degrees F for the first two hours and the last hour it goes up to 225 degrees F with a finishing touch of 325 degree F in the last minute.

Remove the turkey from the brin, make sure you are careful and not spilling the water everywhere. Place the turkey on a cookie sheet to get it ready for grilling.

You can make a mixture of kosher salt and pepper together and sprinkle all over the turkey, try to cover all parts of the turkey well.

Placing the Turkey on the Grill

Turkey on the GrillWith the basic seasoning, you can place the turkey on the grill, wait until you get the desired light brown color. Once you get it, place it in a foil and add the butter sticks to it. Post this, wrap it up with a heavy duty foil and place it back onto the grill. Let it sit for some time on the grill, use a thermometer and check if the breast area is at 165 degree F and thighs at 180 degree F, when it reaches this temperature, then the turkey is ready to be served.

Before Serving

When you are done grilling the turkey, remove it from the grill and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. The craving and other seasoning can be done when it is sitting for some time where it cools off a bit.



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