Authentic Barbeque Flavor with the Best Wood Chips for Smoking and Grilling

Barbeque is one of the best ideas that you can think of when it comes to hosting a nice, fun filled luncheon or dinner with family or friends. If you are well acquainted with everything related to grilling, it is only rare for something to go wrong. Actually, if you love grilled food and a fact that most people do, grilling is a good idea. While catering to a grilling experience, make sure you have everything ready, especially for a smoky touch; you need additional items like wood chips. With the best wood chips for smoking, it makes a great deal of difference.

Wood Chips

How Does Wood Chips Help In Grilling

No matter what type of grill you use, if wood chips are compatible with it, then you should make use of them. The one prime reason why you should use wood chips is that it intensifies the flavor of the seasoning and other ingredients you use. The fact that grilling is all about blending the multiple ingredients used in it, the process gets easier and very effective when you make use of wood chips. In case your grill does not provide the smoky effect to your food, try using some wood chips.

Types of Wood Chips

When you look around for different type of wood chips, you will come across multiple options. Some of the types are very common and loved by almost everyone who uses wood chips. Below mentioned are some of the popular options you will come across.

Cherry wood chips- you ask anyone who is into grilling and they would know of the cherry chips. It has the ability to turn the meat into a mahogany color and incorporate a nice cherry flavor to it as well.

Hickorywood chips– some recipes insist on using hickory chips because it has the ability to add strong flavors and give a slight burnt feel.

Maplewood chips- this one can be mistaken with alder wood chips, as they are somewhat similar. It provides with a sweet sense of flavoring and gives a dark touch to the meat as well. If you wish to add a sugary touch to the meat, go for sugar maple wood chips.

Alder’s Ashwood chips– this is naturally sweet so it goes well fish or most poultry items.

Red Oakwood chips- of all the options, a versatile option is of red oak chips. Most commonly recommended option.

Applewood chips– another substitute for sweet flavoring is apple, mild, slightly sweet and perfect for poultry.

Guide To Choose the Best Wood Chips

Different Types

When it comes to wood chips, there is no major protocol as such. All you need to understand is that it comes in different types, which is why you have to make up your mind as to which kind or type is the requirement. Some people love to buy a combination of different flavors and store it so that they get to use it whenever they want.


You might want to know what manufacturer or brand you are settling for. If you insist on a good quality product, you have to go with a good provider as well. Some companies have been associated with manufacturing of wood chips for years together; settling for someone like this is definitely a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are wood chips reusable?

A. No, there are not reusable as they extinguish with every use and makes no sense in reusing them.

Q. Can you use wood chips on electric grills?

A. Generally wood chips compliment grills that operate on high heat temperature. Usually electric grills do not generate as much heat but if your grill generates enough heat, you could give it a try.

Q. Difference between wood chips and chunks?

A. The only difference is that wood chips are smaller in size and chunks can be relatively bigger in size.

How to Use Wood Chips

There is no complicated procedure associated with using wood chips. It varies based on the type of grill you are using. For instance, if you are using a charcoal grill, you can just run through some wood chips on the hot charcoal so that along with its natural smoke, it would burn the wood and generate some of the smoky flavor to the food as well.

Pellet grills come with a smoker where you have a hopper to place the chips in them. While the grill is operating, the chips burn at the same time and generate the much-desired smoky flavor too.

In gas grills too, it comes with a smoker chip box, all you need to do is place some chips in it. When the chips start smoking, you can use either direct or indirect method of grilling.

Just a tip, try to dip the chips in water at least 30 minutes prior using it. Experts state that it enhances the overall process and the outcome is just amazing.


Wood chips are indeed an ideal option to enhance the grilling process and deliver the much loved and appreciated smoky flavor to the food you grill. It is easily available in the markets and with so many different types of wood chips available, you are bound to find the suitable flavor that may comprise as best according to your taste and preference.

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