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Are you a proud weed smoker? If the answer is yes, then having a portable weed grinder is at all times a good idea. This is because the small gadget saves you a lot of time and wastage of your precious herbs from unnecessary spillage and improper grounding unlike when you implement unorthodox methods. Getting the best weed grinder may be confusing and expensive, but once you do, it will be worth it, and your smoking life will never be the same again.

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What is a Weed Grinder?


A weed grinder is a device that is used to chop, crush and sift large pieces of legal smoking leaves or herbs into sizeable fine pieces that could be rolled and smoked to get high.

A weed grinder is cylindrical in nature with the top and the bottom halves. Both lids contain varying shapes of teeth structures which are sharp, and they have been strategically arranged in such a manner that when turned in either clockwise or anticlockwise manner, they crush whatever is in between the teeth without getting in the way of each other.

A standard weed grinder has two layers with a micron mesh-like sieve that filters down the smooth kief to the lower compartment while the larger pieces remain on top of the wire mesh. But different manufacturers have designed theirs into several layers. Some have 4 to 5 layers with micron mesh layers in each compartment to ensure that the finest particles of kief are collected at different layers.

Weed grinders come in different shapes and sizes. Different materials are also used to make them. The main two types of weed grinders are metallic and plastic weed grinders. The wood weed grinders became obsolete after having so many cons.

Advantages of Weed Grinders

Weed Grinders takes care of all your weed problems by crushing the leaves into finer pieces that can be rolled and smoked with ease. If you are a tobacco smoker, the job of a weed grinder doesn't end there. You can use it on tobacco leaves to crush them into a finer powder.

Most of the people hate the smell of weed in their hands, and as you use your bare hands and scissors to crush the leaves, your hands will smell of weed, but if you use a weed grinder, that smell won't be there.

Using a weed grinder makes things faster. Simple turns of the lid crush the entire weed quicker and better.

A weed grinder can accommodate a sizeable amount of herbs that you can smoke for a longer period of time before you grind another set.

Plastic or a Metallic Weed Grinder


If you understand how important Kief is a weed smoker, it will be a lot easier to choose the best one between the two. Certainly, people choose a metallic weed grinder all the time over the plastic ones. The reason being its efficiency to crush and separate the trichomes, how easy it is to remove the sticky kief from the sides and how sharp its teeth are. Metallic grinders are more durable than the plastic grinders. A plastic grinder is suitable when you are desperately in need of a grinder for a few bucks, but it shouldn't be you main weed grinder due to so many cons.

Top 5 Best Weed Grinder in Market with Reviews

Premium Weed Grinder By MonsterGRIND

The premium weed grinder is best suited for those people who enjoy smoking both the bud and the kief. This four compartments 2.5-inch grinder has a screen and a kief catcher that will ensure you smoke nothing but high graded particles. It is made of aluminum, and the tips of the teeth are made of the razor to ensure that it crushes all the weeds uniformly. It doesn't matter what kind of weed you are crushing because the razor edges of the premium weed grinder can grind anything. The CNC machining technology used ensures that the compartments and the teeth perfectly fit and that there will be no spillage whatsoever.


  • It is of high quality and durable
  • Grinds all types of weeds
  • Has neodymium magnets that keep the lids in contact and ensures no spillage
  • Easy to clean and comes with a free scrapper and a pouch
  • Large enough to grind a lot of herbs and small enough to fit in the pocket
  • Affordable


  • The herb sticks inside the Neodymium magnetic lid making it hard to turn.
  • The herb particles may stick on the screen rendering the kief catcher useless.

Best Weed Grinder by Everydlife

The same aluminum material used on aircrafts has been used to make this weed grinder by Everydlife which means that its quality is undoubtedly really good. Best weed grinder has a parallelogram-shaped teeth with razor edges that will ensure that it crushes even the toughest buds. It also has four compartments and a screen to trap all the pollen ensuring that the lower compartment collects all, the finer kief. This weed grinder is big enough to grind a lot of weeds, and you can easily reduce its size by removing one compartment.


  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Has a diamond shaped teeth that are strong enough to crush any kind of weed
  • The micron screen will ensure it collects all the fine particles of the weed
  • Portable to carry around


  • No warranty
  • The weed particles may stick on the screen rendering the kief catcher useless.

Weed Marijuana Grinder with Pollen Catcher

The Weed Marijuana Grinder with Pollen Catcher has a taste of class. This was specifically designed for all the marijuana enthusiasts. The lids have a rough diamond like structures that make it easier to open and twist as you grind your weeds. It has 30 teeth that are razor sharp and has been arranged in a criss-cross nature for easy crushing. The weed aroma is maintained by the magnetic lid that ensures a tight seal and keeps the lids in place at all times. The material used to make the Weed Marijuana Grinder with Pollen Catcher is aluminum which makes it easier to clean. Be sure to collect all your bud and the kief because it has 5 compartment collectors and a single mesh for the bud and pollen traps.


  • Has a removable pollen trapper and chamber for extra space and more weed grinding
  • Easy to clean
  • The design and material is of high quality
  • Comes with a pollen scratcher and a travel pouch
  • Effective weed grinder
  • Awesome kitchen tool for grinding spices


  • Less effective when grinding lesser amount of weeds due to extra teeth spacing
  • No warranty
  • The magnet can easily fall out

Premium HIGH TIME Weed Grinder

Another best weed grinder suited for weed smokers. High time manufacturers know how to make high-quality products. Premium HIGH TIME Weed Grinder is one of them. It doesn't matter how hard the weed is because it is made of anodized aluminum which makes it stronger. The four compartments have been designed in such a way that when you turn it upside down, you will see the finer contents of kief.


  • High quality
  • Portable
  • Collects up to the finest kief and the bud which can be used at users' discretion
  • Has a warranty
  • Comes with free accessories
  • Crushes herbs completely with duel crushing


  • The black coat Tarnishes easily
  • Bounces up the finer kief instead of allowing it to pass through the mesh

Best Tobacco, Weed and Spices Grinder by Kozo Grinders

This weed grinder has 4 layers, and the teeth are extremely sharp and are diamond shaped to ensure that it crushes even the toughest weeds. The Best Tobacco, Weed and Spices Grinder by Kozo Grinders ensures that there will be 0% spillage since they have a magnetic lid that fits correctly and ensures an easy and uniform turn. The bulldog design on top will make you look cool in front of your friends when you take it out of your pocket.


  • It is a high-quality grinder
  • No spillages due to the magnetic lid
  • Has a mesh that allows finer particles of kief to be collected at the bottom collector
  • Has a guarantee
  • Portable
  • Durable


  • The herb particles may stick on the screen rendering the kief catcher useless
  • The magnet on the lid comes off and could get lost easily


A weed grinder is an important gadget to have if you are a smoker because it saves you a lot of time and weed that could otherwise be spilled or blown away by the wind. It is also good to automate some of the work as human beings since the world is changing and lots of tasks have been automated.

Finding the best weed grinder is pretty easy as long as you know how you like to smoke your weed. Premium high time herb grinder has the best features than the rest.

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