How To Select The Bight Whetstone: A Review Of Popular Whetstones

A blunt edged knife is a nightmare to work with; it eats up your time on top of your patience as you try to put it to good use. You need to get your knives sharp, and you are here because you might be considering going the traditional way and resort to a whetstone to do the job for you. From coarse to fine grits, diamond to aluminum oxide coating, knife sharpening stones come in all shapes, sizes, and forms today. With so many options and alternatives open before you and perhaps little prior experience with whetstones, you should be aware of the fundamental aspects of knife-sharpening and about the tools available before you choose the best whetstone for your purposes.

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Why Do You Need A Sharpener?


A sharp knife is your best friend in the kitchen or your garage workshop or even when you are out and about exploring the wilderness on a hiking trip, or enjoying your time on a camping trip. You might even have your favorite knife that you use for almost all purposes. So, when you find your knife losing its edge, you might go berserk, just a little bit, trying to find the right whetstone to get them sharp and shining once again.

However, if you have no prior experience using a knife-sharpener, you might feel overwhelmed with the number and varieties of sharpening stones available in the market. The types and brands of whetstones alone to choose from add up to a puzzling number.

Why Whetstone?

Getting a whetstone is a sure and easy way to keep any and all your gears with a blade in top working condition. Whetstones are popular because of its versatile ability to sharpen the blunt edge of not just knives but any tool that requires it, even to sharpen other knife sharpeners with lesser grids.

Whetstones are in high demand because they come in a selection of grits- as low as 240 to as high as 6000 to choose from depending on the blades, size, and type of your knife and your purposes.

Of all sharpening stones and types of equipment, the best whetstones when rightly used gives your tool optimal level of sharpness. Getting a whetstone for yourself saves you the hassle and expense of seeking the service of a professional, which is always an added perk to doing things yourself. It is also the ultimate solution to having your favorite knife(s) always sharp and ready without ever worrying about a blunt-edged device. A few rides on the appropriate grits for a few minutes is all it takes.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Whetstones?


When you invest, regardless of the size of the investment, you should weigh in your options before making a move. You should choose the best one for you available from the lot.

When you search for whetstones in any online sources or from an outlet store, several other sharpening stones might also have caught your attention. Take a second to know a little bit about them; knowledge never hurts, but only empowers you.

Your search for whetstones invariably winds up at four major and distinct categories ranging from natural to artificially generated whetstones. They are again available in two varieties, i.e., water stones and water stones.

Natural whetstones are made from raw materials mined from various places across the globe, like the Belgian Coticule notorious for sharpening your knife into an impeccably keen gear, or the American Novaculite or another popular choice, the Japanese Water Stones made from Japanese Siliciclastic Deposits.

Your options also extend to human-manufactured varieties such as whetstones of Silicon Carbide or Aluminium Oxides.

What Are The Criteria For Selecting The Best Whetstone?

The best whetstone for you depends entirely upon the purposes you intend to employ it. If you want to hone blades to just a minimum rather than to a keen edge, then a soft or rough whetstone would meet your purpose. On the other hand, to attain a perfectly keen blade, a coarser and harder whetstone is necessary. However, if you want to sharpen your hunting knives and tools, nothing but the best whetstone with the most coarse grits would get them perfectly keen. The best whetstone might be a bit heavy on your pockets but is a good investment if you require its service often rather than expending separately on the same at sharpening service centers.

  • Natural whetstone made of novaculite is one of the top range sharpening stones. Etymologically related to "novacula" which translates to "razor stone" they sharpen your knives to perfection. Novaculites are a kind of recrystallized Chert and hard stones which defy the tendency to erode. They were used traditionally to create hunting tools such as spear and arrow heads. Today, you get the best whetstone to sharpen your gears from it.
  • Natural, classic whetstones made out of siliciclastic stones are hard stones extracted in the form of quartz or the mineral form of silicate from Japan. These are popularly called Waterstones as the stone exhibits high porosity.

Other sources of natural whetstone from sedimentary stones are Coticule and Belgian Blue. They fall under the expensive category because of the high cost of extraction. Coticules are more solid than Belgium Bluestone with a predominantly brittle quality to them and are therefore reinforced to prevent the stones from falling apart as they are used. Coticule and Belgian Blue stones are available in the market as combination whetstones, each on either side, whereby the whetstones offer both coarse and fine gritted sides in a single buy.

Caught In A Dilemma Of Choosing Between Waterstones, Diamond Stones, And Oil Stones?


A whetstone sharpens the blunt edge of a knife by cutting through or grazing its surface. Its action is similar to that of a sandpaper as it removes the useless layer of metal from atop to expose a keener and fine surface. The coarser the grit of the whetstone, the more efficiently and with more pace, they cut through the metal as opposed to those with fine grits. The softer the grits, the faster is the process. Those whetstones which require the lubrication of water or oil to remove the "slurry" or "swarf" from its own surface for more effective and faster sharpening are called water whetstones and oil whetstones respectively. Water stones being softer than their oil counterparts cut faster through the metal. However, they need to be leveled often to maintain its efficiency.

Diamond stones are synthetic whetstones. They trump both water stones and oil stones in the intensity of coarse grits, the pace of cutting and little effort required to maintain them. They are good enough to level both water and oil stones of all kinds.

The other popular varieties of artificial whetstones are Aluminium Oxide Oil Stones( which are fast-cutting and less pricey), Ceramic Stones and Silicone Carbide Oil stones. Silicone Carbide Whetstones are deemed the most efficient of all oil stones.

Rating The Best Whetstones Available in Market with Reviews

Premium Two-Sided Sharpening Stone Kit with Black Silica

Over 70 Amazon customers have left the product with an average 4.7-star rating for this aluminum oxide water stone. It is designed to provide a safe and smooth sharpening experience with the #1000 side to prepare the blade of the knife and #3000-grit side for giving it the perfect. This product comes with a manual, instructing how to become an expert in the activity and the extra feature of limited-period-offer Angle Guide. Another attraction is the black silica Non-Slip Base that comes included in the package.


  • Durable
  • Good quality
  • Quickly clears the blunt exterior to expose sharper metal


  • Rough finish
  • Poor instruction regarding the purpose of each side

Hiware Knife Sharpening Corundum Whetstones

With 4.8/5 average rating given by 21 satisfied customers, Hiware has gone for an all-kill with the diamond stone and Whetstone combination sharpening tool. One impressive aspect is perhaps the clear instructions they have given on the page, with detailed directions regarding which stone to use and for what purpose. Hiware Conundrum whetstone made of premium quality stones come with a Silicone Non- Slip Base to ensure safety to the users.


  • Delivers what it promises
  • Works well in both wet and dry conditions


  • Size is relatively small thereby limiting effective application on knives lesser than 7 inches long.
  • Does not come with an instruction manual.

Professional Grade Sharpening Stone Whetstone

With 4.6 stars average rating, this whetstone comes as a two-sided model of #1000 and #4000, ideal for honing your Razors to Scissors, Axels to Chisels, Kitchen Knives to Hunting Knives and everything in between. The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if it doesn't deliver what it promises. This aluminum oxide whetstone does not need any oil and is tested to be durable and lasting; it also ensures safety by coming with a Non-Slip Bamboo base.


  • Ability to restore the lost edge of a range of knives with ease
  • Quality built and durable
  • Extra features of Angle Guide and instructional e-book


  • Slapdash fitting of the stone in the frame and the frame in the Non-Slip Bamboo base
  • Bamboo base facilitates the growth of mold and fungus

King Two Sided Sharpening Stone with Base

Averaging at 4.4 stars as rated by a whopping 687 customers, this whetstone with its #1000 and #6000 sides is one of the bests of its kind.


  • High-quality stones which are perfect for prepping, sharpening and polishing knives


  • Involves more strain to bring back the profile of edges that are too blunt.
  • Does not come with English instructions (only Japanese); one has to resort to the page for instruction.

Premium two-Sided Knife Sharpener Whetstone Grit 1000/6000

Rated top-notch with 4.8 stars out of 5- Rating by 32 customers, this water stone makes honing an easy job even for beginners. It comes with detailed instructions on angles and how to use the stones and a 90-day money back guarantee if it doesn't deliver premium quality whetstone.


  • Excellent grit and honing stones
  • Special sharpening corner to sharpen any knife


  • Not suitable for knives bigger than 7 inches long


The Hiware Conundrum Dual Sided Whetstone is the clear winner among this lot. What makes Hiware's product the best whetstone is its ability to deliver the finest quality product at the lowest price. With the other whetstones offering similar features at a higher rate, Hiware gives its customers the best-honing experience at a relatively low investment cost. The durable material and reliable design render maximum sharpening capabilities to it, making in the best whetstone of the five options.

If you want a smooth experience every time you use any knife, it ought to be perfectly sharp. You need the best Whetstone to eliminate the problem of a dull, blunt-edged knife, a whetstone that would prove to be lasting and of safe design that is accompanied by clear instructions on how to hone and use the grits at a price that could be called a right purchase. Hiware whetstones offer you just that with King two Sided Sharpening Stone making it to a close second option.

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