Sumptuous Ribs On Wood Pellet Grills

January 5, 2016

If you are planning to host a dinner party for your family or friends, you would want to do something different than the usual. Most enthusiastic cooks love to experiment with their food or try something different and dinners and lunches are the perfect occasion to do so. Moreover, if you have a grill, you have umpteen options to try out different recipes. If you are looking for something that goes down well with almost everyone, then try this recipe on salt crusted prime ribs. Apparently everyone raves about it, and it’s time to get your friends do the same for you.

Many people own a pellet grill, and when you have such an appliance, make the most of it. This recipe goes down extremely well with the pellet grills.


Prime Ribs – 6 bones

Peeled Garlic- 1 head

Chili Powder- 2 Tbsp.

Coarsely Grounded Black Pepper- ¾ cup

Rosemary or Alternative Herbs- ½ cup

Olive Oil- ¾ cup

Salt to taste

Cherry Pellets are Preferred but it is optional if you don’t have this flavor

Mix All the Ingredients

If you have a food processor, you can make use of it to combine the dry ingredients like salt, rosemary, garlic, pepper, chili powder to get it to a fine form. If you don’t have a food processor, you can ground them on your own and even if it is not fine, it doesn’t spoil your dish. In fact, some people like coarse form.

Add the grounded powder to olive oil so that you get a paste like consistency. Using this paste, add it to the ribs. Do not dump it all on the ribs in one go, rather start by putting a tablespoon each and then decide on if it requires more or not.

Sumptuous Ribs

An Hour Marinade

A lot of people question as to why you need to let the meat or any form of ingredient used in grilling to sit into the spices for an hour or more. Usually it is an hour, sometimes people choose to let the ingredients sit for half hour or even more than an hour. The prime purpose is to let the ingredients blend together. Every spice or herb has its own distinct quality, which when combined with something equally good, the outcome is truly amazing, which is why experts recommend for plus, minus an hour of marinade.

Prep the Pellet Grill

This is where the main process begins, you need to prep the grill for at least few minutes and the temperature can be low in the beginning but when the real cooking begins, it should be 450 degree F. All wood pellet grills are easy to manage and operate.

Roasting the Ribs


Place the ribs on the grill, you should remember that ribs generally take a bit longer to cook so you have to be patient. In this recipe, you need to cook the prime rib for an hour or until the crust gets a slight brown color or gets darkened. Post this, you must reduce the temperature to 300 degree F and roast for another 2 hours and 15 minutes.

To be certain that you have got it right, you can make use of a thermometer and insert it into the roast, and check if the temperature reads 135 degree F.

Removing the Salt Crust

While the grilling is mid-way, you must remove the excessive salt crust, and transfer it into the bowl. You need to brush off the excess salt or any excess ingredient from the top side as it may not offer a good taste to the one eating it.


ServingThis dish serves 8- 12 people easily, when you think the cooking is done, you can use a special knife and insert it into the bones. You can stick it in and pull it off the grill to place it on a plate or board, carve the ribs going ½ inch into the bone structure.

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