Ultimate guides to choose the Best Smoker Grill Combo

When it comes to food, many of us like to eat food that is prepared in a manner that classifies as rightly cooked. This is not called being finicky, but when it comes to food, we like it to be just right. Speaking of food, one particular kind, i.e. grilled food; it is something that needs to be cooked in the right manner, as the margin of error is massive. Undercooked or overcooked grilled food in either case is unacceptable, which is why you need the right recipe and the right apparatus. Thanks to grills, it makes the grilling task easier, simpler and the outcome is outstanding all you need to do is bring home the best smoker grill combo.

What Is A Smoker Grill?

Image source: www.ar15.com

Image source: www.ar15.com

For all those people out there who haven’t heard the term smoker grill, it is now that we address this topic and give out all the information you need to know about this kind. Smoker grills are nothing but regular grills; however, it has a smoker attached to it. The name pretty much gives away everything you need to know about this type of grills, but given that commonly people use grills without smokers, which of course has burners and vents to let out the smoke, hearing about smoker grills is not common to everyone.

The vital aspect of smoker grill is that you need to monitor it at all given points of time. Often it is a habit in many to leave the cooking and get involved in other tasks. You need to be an expert to handle smoker grills while looking into other aspects of cooking but for beginners, it is extremely essential to monitor the smoker grill until you get complete hang of it. Of course, when you choose electric smoker grills, it is more like set the temperature and forget about it as it caters to it on its own. As good as they are in making the meat taste smoky and amazing, you will have to use it wisely so that the outcome is just as good as you hoped it for it to be.

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Why You Need Smoker Grills

There are different reasons why you need smoker grills, below mentioned are a few of them.

Enhances the Quality of Meat

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When you cook meat on a smoker grill as opposed to stove or common grill, you will notice a great deal of difference amongst the different options. While using a smoker, you opt for wood chips, as you know they come in different flavors. When you use them, the entire combination is so different from the other cooking methods; surely, the difference is noticeable. What you need to understand is that the difference is not just noticeable but also vastly appealing as it gives a completely different taste to the meat, something that will make you ask for more.

Hassle Free Grilling

Often it is noticed that when you have hard meat, you wouldn’t know if the standard cooking on a regular grill could cook the meat properly. Moreover, you do not need regular cooking; you wish to have a piece of meat that is tender and juicy. Well, when you have such criteria, the wise thing to do is cooking using a smoker grill. The entire methodology of such grills is very simple, they prime focus along with proper cooking is to give that smoky affect to the meat, ensuring that the meat gets tender and juicy.

A Worthy Investment

The beauty of such appliances is that if you end up choosing a good quality smoker grill, it is bound to last with you long and strong. Such appliances as we know do not come in use on everyday basis, of course if you opt for commercial purpose; it is an entirely different scenario. But, for domestic usage, you can see these grills out in the open usually during summers. It all comes down to the type of product you invest in. As long as the product quality is superior, you can most certainly expect enough durability.

Time Saver

For all those who thought smoker grills were time consuming, it’s time to rethink. Grilling is a relatively time consuming process but that is when you are unsure of when is the right temperature to cook. On the other hand, when you have the benefits of a smoker, you can get the right temperature and the smoker makes it a bit feasible to cook the food at a slightly rapid speed. Surely, there is not a major difference in the cooking time amongst the different type of grills, but some expert suggest smoker grills because it cooks not just with a regular grilled taste but also with a smoky flavor and all this in one go.

Type of Smoker Grills Combo

When it comes to types of smoker grills combo, there are multiple options easily available in the market. They come in different designs, and at some point, you will see the difference in some aspect or the other. Usually the difference in few specifications is what broadly differs one kind from another. With a handful of options, consumers definitely have enough to choose from, as long as you choose wisely; you will be quite pleased with your decision.

Distinction Based on Source

Though we look at distinction in terms of design, make, models etc. in this case, you can look at distinction based on the heat source as well. The common form of differentiation that you will find in these kinds is either charcoal based, propane or gas based and lastly electricity based. Usually, this is one of the first few smoker factors you need to consider, before you look into its design and other specifications.

Vertical Smoker

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As the name suggests, this is vertical shaped smoker grill. In this grill, the cooking chamber will be in a vertical shape, it manages to hold the cooking racks as well as the heat source. Vertical smokers are also known as cylinder smokers and these are amongst the commonly used smokers. The thing about these smokers is that it is quite cheap and the size is not an issue. Along with this, the design of such smokers allows you keep the ingredients of your dish moisturized throughout the cooking process. In order to get the best smoky flavor, try to avoid cooking with the lid open.

Offset Firebox Smoker

This is another type of smoker grill combination and it fetches you great results. It has a small offset box that requires you to fill it up with charcoal and simultaneously grill the meat on the griller. The heat distributes from one sources to another and this leads to a perfectly cooked smoked dish. You can experiment with different dishes using this kind of smoker, cook keeping the lid open or close is your choice, but giving the right heating conditions always enhances the flavor of the dish.

Cabinet Smoker

Lastly, you will come across the cabinet smoker combination, which looks just like the vertical smoker but differs on some varied characteristics. To begin with, these smokers are relatively large as compared to the other kinds, and they come with multiple racks for immense feasibility. Besides this, they are much more versatile and it can accommodate cooking for a greater number of people as well. The smoke source is from the bottom, and through the vents, it reaches to the ingredients better.

Guide to Choose the Right Smoker Grill

Before you think of buying a smoker grill, make sure you are fully aware of what you are getting yourself into. This is not to scare you but to state that these appliances are very good as long as you bring home the right kind. As you are aware, they come in different shapes, sizes and kinds; therefore, it is vital to choose the right type, especially the one that suits your needs and requirements.


Often you think of buying appliances, be it of any kind based on the brands that are available in the market. Surely, this is a very good technique to bring down the umpteen choices to handful ones. When you look around, there will be many brands catering to smoker grills; it becomes a tough choice if you do not distinguish from the many, so start by short listing on the brands. Go by brands that hold a great value in the market, something that caters to your taste and a brand that you and thousands rely upon.


It is not wrong to choose a product based on its price tag, especially when many of us work on a budget. So, if you have a figure in mind, this factor could be a perfect means to help you choose the right smoker grill. Though the general features are common in most of the models, you ought to choose a kind that suits you, which of course can be done by categorizing it based on the price. Use different research tools, do your homework and choose a product that you feel suits best to your set up. If you are very happy with what you see, you wouldn’t mind spending the asking price for it.


When you look up for appliances, it is often suggested that you choose an appliance that fulfills all the basic criteria. You ought to settle for a versatile product, one that caters to all the necessary requirements, because the money you are spending, you should manage to buy the right product. If you wish to seek the most from a smoker grill, you should look deep into the specifications, compare the features and decide based on what is right for you. With so many options available, a little bit of looking around, checking on the specifications is only going to make the decision making easy for you.

Compare the Features

As mentioned earlier, comparison is very important, and you should do so in order to get the best smoker grill. One of the best means to gather details on the finest smoker grills is by using the Internet; you can get smoker grill reviews, blogs and other means to get details on the finest products. Some websites even compare two or more models to you so that you get a clear picture on which of the models is most suitable. So, when you have such brilliant sources to gather information, why not make the most of it.

Easy to Use and Safe Product

Usually the mechanism of a griller can be a task, as not all can get a hang of it. Therefore, you ought to choose one that is easy to use, something that you can comprehend easily and is safe to use. Especially with such appliances, you cannot just get into its operation without knowing the basics.

User’s Guide

When it comes to using and maintaining a smoker grill, there is no rocket science in doing so. Thanks to the multiple means, you can seek the much-needed help at the click of a button. The old school and most common form of using a smoker grill is by means the instruction manual that comes with every single product. The procedure is broken down into simple terminology, however, if you find it hard to follow, you can use the internet to gather details, be it in the form of text or videos.

Maintenance of smoker grill or any appliance for that matter is the key to increase its durability. If you fail to clean it properly or place it in the right manner post its usage, chances of it losing out on its lifeline are high. The overall procedure is not at all complicated, surely when you start using it, you are bound to get a hang of it.

Video: Grilling Steaks on a Traeger Pellet Smoker Grill

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is charcoal removal easy from smoker grills?

A. It would wrong to suggest if the entire process is easy and like a cakewalk. You do have to invest some time and effort, although it is not the toughest task also. While using foil to place the charcoal, you can expect a lot of the workload to reduce. Also, for a proper run through, you can use a hose to wash away the unwanted elements from the grill, but such a routine is not necessary at all times if you ensure proper care every time you use a smoker grill.

Q. Is the metal thick enough on the smoker grill?

A. The thickness definitely varies, based on the model you choose, the thickness will differ accordingly. But, if you settle for a good brand, you don’t have to worry about the thickness or quality of the metal because a good brand name always accompanies good quality components and they wouldn’t disappoint you by settling for low grade product quality.

Q. What size of propane tank to go with?

A. You can go with the standard size of the propane tank. Even if there are capacity requirements, you can settle for the standard size to be safe or to know how often you need a change and whether you need to go with the higher capacity or not.

Q. In smoker grills that come with a cart, can I use the grill without the cart?

A. The entire process of using a cart is to have immense convenience through the grilling process. However, there is no hard and fast rule to grill while placing it on the cart, as you can use it without the cart also.

Q. How to buy the best smoker grill?

A. There are different sources that can guide you in choosing the best smoker grill. You can seek information from your friends, family or the best source is to settle for the internet. There are umpteen reviews listed online and it has managed to help a lot of people and surely can be of great help to you. If not follow the verdict blindly, you can see it as a reference before settling for anything that suits your needs and requirements.


Smoker grills are surely a blessing, provided you bring home the right kind of product. While looking at the above mentioned product reviews, you can easily make out the brilliance of this device. For all those who enjoy smoky flavored food, this is their best means to get the desired flavor. Choose from the described products as they are one of the finest in the offering; anything you go by is only going to be a worthwhile investment.

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