Welcome to the one of the best virtual space to know all about smoker grills. My name is Ferguson Meadows and cooking is my passion. Especially, when it comes to using grills and exploring the different flavors of different cuisines, it entices me always.

This page will give you just about everything you want to know about smoker grills and everything that I have learned, experienced and explored too. I would be more than pleased to help you with something that flourishes out of my personal experiences.

Smoker Grills over Conventional Grills

Firstly, how I look at smoker grills is more like a twist in the grilling process. Conventional grills are good, more old school and some people do not wish to get over it, as they are most comfortable with it. But, with smoker grills, it is definitely a new twist to the grilling process, something different but yet it retains the general approach of grilling and most importantly, it is fun to experiment with new kinds of cooking and with the smoker grill, you will simply love it. It surely does transform ordinary food into tantalizing food.

Choosing the Right Grill

I often recommend people to choose a grill that suits their needs and requirements. When you look around, you will come across multiple options and many alone in the smoker grill bracket. Surely, you and I have different reasons and perceptions associated with buying a smoker grill or any grill for that matter. Which is why, you must settle for a grill that caters to your needs more than just a popular choice.

How to Buy a Smoker Grill

Honestly, I do not get the fuss behind buying anything, whether it is from a retail store or online stores. When people ask me as to why and what should we consider before buying a smoker grill, I only have a handful of suggestions to make but when you look online, they present such unnecessary arguments, which in turn confuses the buyers. But here, I am making it simpler, easier and very helpful to you.


In my opinion, price is a key element in choosing any product let alone be a smoker grill. Some of us work on a budget and our paychecks, and so ruling out the ones that do not work in our budget makes the decision making an easier process. I tried the same tactic and it fetched off decently well for me. It was not as if I brought home a cheap smoker grill, in fact, I got something that I could afford and something that I liked.


Considering a good brand is definitely a vital part of shopping for a smoker grill. Investments on grills cannot be made often, and so choose a brand that can help you hold onto a grill for many years. I often believe that the brand you choose often does the trick because the product quality is often easy to judge based on the brand you choose.

Usage Principles

I have noticed that some of the finest looking smoker grills did not click for me because it was not easy for me to operate. So, I made sure to check on how the grill works and operates before going in for the final plunge.


We all love a nice session of grilled food, but when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the grill, it is often a dreadful task. But, what I have noticed in the current generation smoker grills is that they are designed in a way that maintenance is no more an issue so if you consider this point and check for it in the options you consider, it will fetch you a comfortable and hassle free grilling experience.

If you wish to know anything further on smoker grills, feel free to contact me