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How Long Does Smoked Salmon Last?

Who doesn’t love salmon? It’s one of the most delicious and nourishing foods because it contains high levels of healthy fats (omega-3) and high-quality proteins. Salmon is also a great food for preventing cancer and heart attacks. Despite, we need to ask this question – How long does smoked salmon last? How Long Does Smoked […]

How Long is Cooked Salmon Good For?

Salmon, a native fish of Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, are one of the most popular seafood in the USA. Ease of handling, rich nutrition, and easy availability contributes a lot to its popularity.Though Salmon is native to the ocean, most of the stock is formed in lakes and controlled environment. This leaves us with […]

How to Reheat Tamales

As a workaholic, the earliest I could get off my office chair to go home is usually at 10 PM. Most of the time I am pretty much exhausted and hungry. So the idea of getting into the kitchen to cook up something is usually not part of my agenda. Going to a fancy Mexican […]

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